Dress Up Your Pear Shaped Figure With Bandelettes


Dressing up a pear shaped figure can be one of the most difficult body types to find attire for, but it can  also be one of the most stunning when styled right. Women with a pear shaped figure typically have small to medium measurements in the chest region while having a wider and curvier hip and thigh area. Here are some of our best tips on dressing up this particular shape to accentuate and enhance your gorgeous physique:

The idea is to give the illusion that your lower section is in proportion to your upper section. You can lengthen your silhouette by wearing things like long shirts, dusters, or jackets that hit mid thigh. This will draw attention away from the fact that you have wider hips. You also want to stay away from embellished or printed bottoms that draw the eye to your lower region.

If you prefer an hour glass figure, you can easily fake one by wearing a dress or top that is cinched in at the waist and flows freely at the bottom. Try wearing a pushup bra that has a little padding to give yourself a little extra oomph up top and you’ll have the perfect hourglass frame. If you want to show of your collarbone or cleavage a little more, try choosing a top that has a slightly lower neckline that will show off just the right amount of skin.

Black trio2 72pxl

One of the main concerns for women who have a pair shaped figure is the thick thighs that come with it. Having curvier thighs can create a bit of rubbing when you walk or are active which ultimately leads to irritating rashes and bumps from the friction. That’s where Bandelettes come in! Wear them under any outfit or dress to get rid of the “chub rub” for good. Visit our Store to pick up your pair today.


The Perfect Pair for Everyone & Every Mood

Wednesday 09 September

Bandelettes were designed with fashion and functionality in mind. Our extensive collection of patterns and colors provides an option for everyone and every mood.

MG_8096-A-300x200For the Power Meeting

Be bold in black. Black is a commanding color that exudes confidence. For your next power meeting, make the right statement and try a black wrap dress with Black 1004 Bandelettes. Unfettered by bright colors and patterns, your colleagues will pay attention and show you the respect you deserve. Bandelettes provides coverage and protection against painful irritation so you can focus on the real job at task.

For the AthleteBlack-Unisex2-300x200

Get sporty with Bandelettes Unisex! Don’t let painful chafing slow you down. Bandelettes Unisex provides sustained protection against pain and discomfort so you can stay focused on your game.

 Red-Wine-300x200For the Seductress

Red is the color of Romance. Slip on a pair of Romance Red Bandelettes to reveal your sexy side. Flirty hearts and vibrant red will get your partner’s heart beating! Make sure he or she can keep up with your playful side.

 For the TreChocolate-300x200nd-Setter

Shop until you drop with Chocolate Bandelettes. Let your inner-fashionista free and play with this decadent color. Pair under black shorts for a hint of lace or get wild and boost a bold animal print. Make a statement and strut you stuff with Chocolate Bandelettes.



5 Ways to Stop Thigh Chafing While Running

Woensdag 13 augustus 2015 ( text Bandelettes)

Chafing is the runner’s constant companion. No matter what the season, there’s always the risk of red, irritated, raw-feeling thighs (and that’s just one common area for runners). Some people are more prone to it than others — but fortunately, there’s no shortage of solutions to this dreaded issue. Start by staying hydrated while you run — not only is it important for your health, but salt crystals left behind when you stop sweating and the perspiration dries actually become an irritant.

There’s no one elegant solution to thigh chafing, as it’s a highly personal choice. But we’ve put together some of the best options to stop the irritation of your thighs rubbing together while running.

1. Proper Clothing

All too often, running clothes are at least part of the problem when it comes to irritated thighs. Seams on shorts can rub up against skin and exacerbate the issue. If your running shorts are the culprit, try switching to another pair, one that’s a bit longer. As an alternative, you can try wearing a pair of compression shorts, which tend to be a bit longer, under your running shorts.

Material choice is important, too: Cotton shorts are a bad idea, because once they’re wet, they stay wet. Synthetic fabrics with moisture-wicking properties, such as Lycra or Spandex, are a much, much better option.

2. Lubricants, Gels, and Balms

Chaffing on the thigh from a trail run

A gel-like lubricant on your thighs can ease friction and reduce chafing while running. Petroleum jelly is an inexpensive, widely available option that works well, but you can also find more specialized products for runners, including BodyGlide, Run-Goo (and its sibling product Hike-goo), as well as Red11 (originally meant for nipple chafing, it can also be used on thighs). This can be a slightly messier solution than other alternatives

3. Powder

If gels and lubricants aren’t to your preference, some powder products can also stop thighs from chafing during your run. Baby powder (or talcum powder) is a simple no-frills option. More specialized products include Lush’s Silky Underwear or Anti-Monkey Butt powder, which also has a ladies’ variant.

4. Bandelettes


Our unisex Bandelettes are a great option to prevent thigh chafing while running. Made from a soft synthetic microfiber, they are specially designed to prevent skin irritation caused by the friction of skin on skin or even skin on fabric. Bandelettes won’t slide down your thighs thanks to nonslip silicone. They only cover the area that needs to be covered, making them a more comfortable, breathable option, especially in warm weather. Unisex bandelettes area available in either black or beige, in a variety of sizes.

5. Proper After-Care

Taking care of your legs after a run will also help minimize your discomfort. Start by showering as soon as possible, in lukewarm water. Hot water and chafed thighs is just a recipe for pain! Pat your skin dry — don’t rub — to minimize irritation. And then be sure to follow up by moisturizing your skin with a good lotion, coconut oil or shea butter. If you are dealing with raw, irritated skin, skip the moisturizing step and instead go for a diaper rash cream like Desitin or A+D Zinc Oxide cream. It sounds crazy, but the active ingredient is zinc oxide, which makes it antibacterial as well as soothing.


Bright White for the Bride on her special day!

vrijdag 10 juli 2015 ( text Bandelettes)


Brides carefully prepare and parse out every detail of their big day: their wedding dress, hair, makeup, seating charts, floral arrangements, themed cocktails, etc. As all the elements of a perfect wedding come together, there is something that is often overlooked: comfort.

As a bride embarks on one of the most important days of her life, the last thing she should have to worry about is irritation cause by skin-to-skin rubbing. Here’s where Bandelettes come to the rescue! Bandelettes delivers a sexy and discrete solution  painful thigh chafing.                                                         

White Onyx Bandelettes are a best-kept secret among brides to be. Brides will walk with confidence down the aisle rather than being distracting by what’s happening underneath their gown. Our chic well-designed White Onyx Bandelettes are a nice compliment to sexy wedding day lingerie.

Don’t forget about the bridesmaids! As we all know, being in a wedding can sometimes seem more like a marathon than a walk on the beach. Don’t let the day’s events get you down with Bandelettes! Bandelettes stay put so you can keep moving. So when it comes time to kick off the heels and bust a move on the dance floor, you can enjoy without worrying about chafing.

The moral of this blog post is to never underestimate the power of Bandelettes. A little lacy luxury will take you through life’s most important events.


Who Can Wear Bandelettes?

zaterdag 27 juni 2015 (text Amber Norell, Bandelettes)

The assumption that Bandelettes are just for plus sized ladies and gentlemen couldn’t be further from the truth. Believe it or not, our top selling sizes are “B” and “C” meaning that the majority of our customers range from a size 4 to a size 12. Chances are, if you aren’t part of the very small percentage of the population with a thigh gap you have probably suffered from uncomfortable chafing between your thighs.

This chafing is especially apparent when you are wearing shorts or a dress and are engaging in vigorous exercise or walking for long periods of time. This chafing is caused from the friction of your legs rubbing together which can lead to dryness, ingrown hairs, redness, and unpleasant irritation. For those of you who deal with this often, you know that the more you continue to create that friction, the worse the chafing and irritation becomes.

That’s where Bandelettes come in.


They protect your inner thighs from rubbing against one another to eliminate chafing and irritation. This is why Bandelettes have also become a huge hit among athletic, fashion-forward men. They look great under gym shorts and provide a buffer along the inner thighs when you are active or playing sports.

Bandelettes were designed with fashion and  functionality in mind. They comfortably conform to your legs so that you don’t have to worry about them riding up or down and they are offered in a range of great colors and fabrics. They even come in a unisex option which is great for athletic gals and also allows men to wear them with confidence and ease. You will definitely look and feel great wearing Bandelettes. Make sure your check out our Shop to order your pair today!

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